Making Telegram
Your Strongest Sales Weapon

Bring visibility into customer conversations from your teams’ regular Telegram  numbers with analytics, customer tracking and intelligence. Modernize your Telegram  inbox with tabs, notes, reminders, social profile, calendar integration, etc.

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The Why

Why Companies Need Lemtel for Telegram ?

Lemtel enables you to see what’s going on with your sales teams as they sell on Telegram , and boost their inbox productivity.

We don’t support Telegram API numbers. No auto-messaging. No chatbot. Your sales reps continue using Telegram app or web.

We Improve Inbox Productivity for everyone

We modernize your Telegram  with tabs, calendar integration, notes, etc. for the organizational rigors that businesses require.

We Provide Visibility
for Companies

We aggregate customer conversations on your teams’ regular Telegram numbers in one place and provide analytics, collaboration and data ownership for companies.

Let Lemtel save you from

Telegram hell

Whether you’re a salesperson or a sales leader, we’ve got the tools you’ve been
looking for to make life on Telegram  easier and more efficient


Supercharge your Telegram for work

Ditch the CRM and establish communication workflows in seconds within Telegram , organize your inbox with custom tabs, schedule events in a few clicks, share conversations, and set follow-up reminders.


Bring Light to your sales team’s activities on Telegram

Gain visibility into your team’s Telegram  sales contacts, customer chat history, and points of interaction so you do not miss out on any valuable insights.

Don’t take our word, Look

😀 at what our Users say

"Telegram has become like an email these days, and it becomes so difficult to keep track of important chats when you get so many every single day. I literally can’t imagine myself responding to chats without Lemtel. It’s so much fun, convenient, and productive. Plus the team is very much receptive to feedback and user suggestions.

Roma Founder at FamPay (YC S19)

"I've been searching for a solution to manage my out-of-control Telegram inbox. Lemtel instantly brings order by allowing me to create lists of priority folks to respond to, and muting the group chats that can be incredibly distracting"

SHIYAN KOH Managing partner at Hustle Fund

"Lemtel has changed the way I manage my day in an unbelievable way. The convenience, efficiency, and organization it adds is an absolute game-changer. I don’t know how I operated before this, but I never want to go back"

SURAJ LAUNGANI AVP - Human Capital SEA at Sequoia Capital

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