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Track your sales team and key customers on whatsapp

Gain insights into what’s happening in Whatsapp  with Conversational Intelligence from Lemapp. Stop nagging your sales and customer success teams.

Deals are getting out of control as your sales use Whatsapp to communicate with customers

Whatsapp  triumphs over emails in reaching customers, but sales teams using multiple Whatsapp  accounts create communication silos and disconnect from internal systems. Problems? Managers struggle to track key customers. Companies lose deals. Customers receive responses late. Individuals feel disempowered to sell on Whatsapp.

Know what's going on with your key
customers on Whatsapp

Track sales activities, ensure customers are taken care of, and learn insights from Whatsapp conversations. Stay on top of your competition with keyword tracking and topic analysis.

Train your next sales rep by
showcasing your wins

Build a library of insightful customer conversations to capture the tribal knowledge seamlessly. This makes onboarding new members much easier and more consistently.